Bonfire Night Safety

A Safety message from our JSO’s for Bonfire & Firework Safety

  • Only grown up should touch fireworks
  • Never play with firework; they are dangerous!
  • Stay a safe distance from the bonfire
  • Never go back to a firework that has been lit, even if it has not gone of yet.It could still explode
  • Fill a bucket of water and place used sparklers in the water when you have finished with them
  • Keep fireworks in a closed box

Keep pets safe and happy on Bonfire Night


  • Walk your dog during daylight
  • Put loud noises on inside of your house to make the sound of the firework less loud
  • Close your windows and curtains so your dog cannot see the fireworks and get scared
  • Don’t let your dog go near the fireworks


  • Lock all your doors and windows so that your cat cannot escape
  • Keep your cat inside

Small animals

  • Put them in their cages and partly cover their cage with a blanket
  • Bring outside pets inside if you can

Bonfire night safety leaflet

Bonfire night pet safety leaflet

Bonfire night wordsearch

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