With the lifting of government restrictions over the summer, we are planning for a full return to normal school life once the pupils return in September, as long as national plans remain the same. It seems so long since the school day ran as it used to, so we wanted to remind everyone of what ‘normal’ means!

Start of the Day:

  • All classes will start school again at the same time – 8.45am
  • Doors will open at 8.40am to allow pupils time to enter school
  • Rec, KS1 and Y3 children will enter school through the main entrance to be greeted each day by the staff, and go through onto the playground as they used to do – please use the garden area paths to queue
  • Remember that the equipment outside reception has been set up by the staff for morning lessons – this is not for children to play with and we ask that parents ensure children stand sensibly with them and do not touch any learning equipment
  • Y4-Y6 children will use the gate at the side of school next to Y3
  • Children can again come on bikes/scooters and store them in the bike sheds on the play ground – children doing this should use the side gate so bikes aren’t walked through the school
  • We would like to keep the one way system in place still, so ask that parents enter site through the pedestrian gate near the field, and leave site through the gate on the car park to help ease the pedestrian traffic
  • There will be a lot of children coming through the front entrance again, so we ask that parents are patient whilst these routines are re-established

End of the Day:

  • All classes will finish at 3.15pm
  • Rec, Y1 and Y2 will be released from their classroom doors at the front of the building
  • Y3 will be released through the front entrance
  • Y4 will be released through their fire door onto the playground
  • Y5 will be released through the main double doors from the new KS2 area
  • Y6 will come through the side door from the meeting room onto the playground
  • We ask that parents collecting at the end of the day enter site via the path and gate at the side of the school. The large gate from the car park to the play ground will be opened each day to allow parents to leave via this exit, making a one way system for KS2 classes. This will aid congestion at busy times

We ask that all adults think carefully about how they are driving and parking as we move back to a shared start/finish time. More cars on the road means there is more of a need for tolerance and respect, as well as consideration of safety for all. We suggest the best way parents can support this is parking further away from the school and walking down the avenue.

Please remember, it has been a long time since we have had the whole school coming in and out at the same time and it may feel a bit hectic at first compared to the last 12 months. Before Covid restrictions, we had a good routine that worked well, so try and remember that as we move back to normal!

Breakfast and After School Club:

Breakfast and after school club will continue to run as normal, and can be booked on and paid for through Arbor.

Removal of the Bubble System:

The biggest change will be the removal of the bubble system in school. This means that our pupils can once again mix on the playground, in the lunch hall and during whole school assemblies. Singing and brass tuition can make a welcome to school – it has been far too quiet! It also means that our school events calendar with things like school discos, trips and pantomimes at Christmas can be planned for.

Parents and families will also be welcomed into school again for meetings, performances and class worships, and we cant wait to see you all face to face again!

Extra Curricular Clubs:

Starting in September, we are returning to our full calendar of extra curricular clubs, including the exciting dance and performing arts sessions that we are offering with Kandy Productions Dance school. The full half term calendar will be sent out later this week.

Homework club will also restart on Thursday evenings, proving support for those children who struggle to complete work at home, or who like to be organised and complete their homework on the day it is set leaving them free to enjoy their weekend! All clubs will be able to be booked on through Arbor.

Attendance Expectations:

Whilst attendance has continued to be monitored this year, we recognised that the constant disruptions have been difficult for all of us. In September, our usual attendance and punctuality procedures will be in place, along with our half termly and end of year prizes for attendance. After the last year, high attendance by all pupils is essential, now more than ever, and we will be working closely with parents and families to ensure that all of our pupils meet the minimum standard expected. We ask that parents support this by making sure their children are in school every day and that they arrive on time, and that no holidays are booked in term time.

Continuing Safety Measures:

There are some safety measures that will continue into next year, and these are an essential part in allowing us to return to normal:

  • Children will still be asked to isolate if they are positive, in line with government advice, and we will still be asking parents to be vigilant about symptoms and testing, as will staff
  • Conitnued high levels of hygiene, including the regular handwashing routines which are currently in place, and the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach will continue to be adopted throughout school
  • Staff will continue testing twice a week through the Autumn term and we ask that families do the same

Although things may feel a little strange to start, and we may all need different amounts of time to feel comfortable with a return to pre-Covid life, I am sure that by working together and showing the respect and understanding that we teach the children, we can all make sure the beginning of next year is wonderful and we cant wait to get started with all of the exciting plans we have!

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Miss M Slingsby


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