Primary School Admission 2021

The online application system for Primary 2021 applications will be made available by the Local Authority in Autumn 2020.  Further admission information can be found following the link below:

Halton Primary School Admissions

​In year admissions

Applications for in-year admissions (children transferring from another school) remain to be made directly with the school. Parents requesting information regarding place availability must be provided with this information and advised that they may make an application if they wish (even if places are not available).

The Primary In-Year admission booklet can be viewed by clicking on this link: 

Guide to PRIMARY In-Year Admissions​

The School Admissions Code states that any parent may apply for a place at any school, at any time, and where a parent is unsuccessful in gaining a place they must be advised in writing as to the reasons for the refusal (over-subscription of the year group requested) and offered the right to appeal against the decision. At Primary level the only reason for refusal would normally be over-subscription within the year group requested, unless the child has been permanently excluded from the school. 

Secondary School Transfers 2021

The online application system for Secondary school transfers applications will be made available by the Local Authority during Autumn 2020, further information can be found following the link below: 

Halton School Admissions

Parents will be advised on the closing date for their application and the online system will be closed after that date. Parents wishing to make an application by paper copy should contact the school admissions team to request one or by visiting any of the Halton Direct Link offices, or an electronic copy can be downloaded by clicking on the link.

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