School Uniform

The majority of our uniform is available from High Street stores with the exception of the Tartan skirt/pinafore, Tie & Sweatshirt/Sweatshirt Cardigans which can be purchased from Boydells in Widnes.

We expect both staff and pupils' appearance to be appropriate for the school environment.

Please see below for a list of our uniform:


EYFS & KS1 (Only)
Black Trousers/Skirt
Optional: Tartan Skirt/Pinafore
White Polo Shirt
Purple Sweatshirt/Sweatshirt Cardigan
Black Shoe​s
White/Black Socks
KS2 (Only)
Black Trousers/Skirt
Optional: Tartan Skirt/Pinafore
White Shirt
Purple Tie
Purple Sweatshirt/Sweatshirt Cardigan
Black Shoes
White/Black Socks
PE Kit (All Key Stages)
White Crew T-Shirt
Black Shorts
Black Pumps
(During cooler months joggers, tracksuits and trainers permitted for outdoor use)

Summer Uniform (All Key Stages)
White Polo Shirt
Black Trousers/Shorts
Lilac Gingham Dress
White/Black Socks


Physical Education Kit

Pupils are required to wear P.E. kit as listed above, which should be in a named, drawstring P.E bag and will be kept at school from Monday to Friday each week.

It is recommended that all items of clothing, including P.E. kits be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

PLEASE NOTE: For Health and Safety reasons

  • We expect all pupils with long hair to tie their hair back during the school day.
  • We ask for all headbands/bobbles and ​ribbons to be plain purple, black or white.
  • We ask for Jewellery not to be worn in school. It is not appropriate and may be a safety hazard especially during P.E. sessions.

For further information, please refer to our Jewellery, Earrings and Hairstyle policy which can be found here.

As usual our school shoes remain the same.


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