Online Safety

We know that being online and using apps and games is part of everyday life for most pupils, however, it is your responsibility to make sure you stay safe online.  Just like the rules that we have in school for keeping safe online, you need to make sure that you follow the same rules at home.  If you are worried about something you have seen, or something that has been said to you online, you need to tell an adult immediately.

Below are some websites that have games and information that will help you understand how to use the internet safely, and what to do if there is a problem.

Remember, our online Purple Mash site with your personal log in is a safe space for you to play, and practise skills you have learned through your lessons at school.

Thinkuknow – Age 4-7yrs

Thinkuknow – Age 8 – 10yrs

Purple Mash 

Anti-Bullying Alliance 


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